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Made from the heart and soul of Jessie B.

An artist , with an enormous passion of all beautiful things, that experiments and embraces the raw elements with her emotion. 

Her fine works of exciting pieces stem from her meditierranean roots, where her creations are a continuity of her experiences.

After exploring the world and imprinted herself with exotic and foreign cultures, she began deepen her interests in the arts as a young adult. JESSIE B visited countries of the world to learn the master her work. 

Her desire for knowledge led her to other corners of the world where she further refined her skills, in the art of jewellery making.

Back in Montreal, located in Québec, Canada, JESSIE B continues her creative journey with pieces made from silver, gold and other metals, and collecting semi-precious stones including turquoise, red bamboo, black onyx, malaquit , lapis lazuli and jade. 

The rawness and purity of her jewellerly allows her to create unique, captivating, and touching works of art ready to wear.

As a prolific, avant garde jeweller, JESSIE B already has a following of artists, businesswomen / men and the trendy. 

Her creations encompass a wide range of pieces, including bracelets, bangles, necklaces, anklets, wallet chains and earrings that are transformed into art from the precious metals (925 silver and gold ) and semi-precious stones that she handles.